Runnery is probably the first genre of mobile games that I have ever had to deal with when my hands got first Android smartphone. The creators of the first games to help players control characters on a touch screen invented a solution in which the character is constantly moving and we need from time to time to perform certain gestures to control them.

Google Play: average rating of 4.1; Android 3.0; is premium content App Store: average rating: 4.5; iOS 9.0; size 188 MB; is premium content

Runners do well in Google Play and App Store and there hasn’t been one week that the new name has not appeared in stores. I have not written about any game under the sign of endless pursuit, so today I am happy to present you gem.

What is special?

In the case of runners it is very difficult to talk about innovation or surprise. It seems to me that this genre is already fully developed, and new titles of this genre can draw our attention to the excellent graphical design, a new universe, interesting characters or a large number of interactions, opportunities and ways of character development.

Gem, of course, is not a surprise, if we talk about the General gameplay. Game with samurai, ninja warriors and other characters, equipped with sharp Katanas, I tested more than once. Graphics? Personally I like the combination of three-dimensional levels and a few comical characters tapered, rounded contour. This style is not new, but, in my opinion, it well manifests itself. Last question: bonuses and gaming experience. Here for a moment, I will stop.

Gem — one of those runners, where the player a lot of challenges ahead. While we follow the progress, we often have to move your finger left or right to force our hero to “slow down” on the turn. Another thing is the obstacles. They will appear on both the left and right of the screen. The top and bottom they can also surprise us with spikes or other traps. In addition, to avoid obstacles, the player will also have to deal with hordes of enemies. They can win by throwing the shuriken back and forth. As befits a Japanese warrior, we also proposed for the battle sword.

Here we are several combinations of attacks and special move, which for the most part of the mission is charged for subsequent use. Along the way we will also find a lot of bonuses that will also help us to cope with hostile enemies. In addition, we will develop the skills of our hero, and at a certain distance to move in brand new locations.


I’m going to leave that gem for a long time in the memory of my smartphone. The game has all the elements of a good runner. Unfortunately, its negative part is micropayments, without which we will be very upset more than once. However, it is a name that stands to test.

Gem — runner under the sign of the Cherry Blossoms – Testing Apps

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