Desktop environments that improve not only the visual part of our Android devices, but also their usability in Google Play available enough. Regularly in Google Play store there are more proposals — is enough to recall the same Aviate Launcher or 9 Cards Home Launcher.

Google Play: average rating of 4.5; Android 4.0; has in-app purchases

This time we will talk about the next project that has a chance to appeal to those who are not concerned about the constant changes. EverythingMe launcher tries to completely meet our needs — although not always as expected.


As for the basic layout, it’s almost impossible to see too much difference compared to all other graphics skins, available for Android. Power EverythingMe is in the above-mentioned modifications and try as best as possible to adapt to our needs.

The first changes noticeable to the naked eye, are intelligent folders that automatically group the apps installed on our device. We can freely choose the categories you want to have on hand (including games, communication, entertainment, news, photography, shopping, social network, health) and place them on your desktop. Interestingly, in addition to those that are installed on our smartphone or tablet, these folders also have shortcuts that use a single click while installing other proposed applications or games.

Desk and self-study

It is also interesting seem to be the case with the main Desk. In addition to the dock glued to the bottom and search system that allows you to quickly view all content on our device, there was a place for the so-called Prediction Bar. This is a bar with four applications, which change depending on time and location the program so wants to know our habits.

For example, to provide us the labels of the morning news, and later a solid set of recipes, and before a dream to offer an alarm clock and a calendar so we could see the tomorrow plan for the day. Honestly, in my case, this process after three days of testing yet to go. Although, perhaps, the program needs more time.


From the point of view of aesthetics and speed I did not have any claims to EverythingMe. Even mentioned the search function works exceptionally well and unobtrusive animations look really interesting. However, I can’t get used to the abbreviations proposed by artificial intelligence. So I can go back to their own configuration to be used in Nova Launcher. However, this does not change the fact that the project looks really interesting, and if you are looking for something new — you should be looking at.

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EverythingMe is a dynamic launcher for Android Apps Testing

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