I like a mobile game in which two players can meet each other on one screen. Drive Ahead! is one of those titles, which are carried as a single mode, and multiplayer. Simple gameplay, beautiful graphics and great opportunities of competition do not allow to break away from the smartphone or tablet!

Google Play: average rating of 4.5; Android 4.4; is premium content App Store: average rating: 4.5; iOS 6.0; size 341 MB is premium content

After installation

We start with a gift in the form of free virtual coins. We can spend it to play on a one-armed bandit. Depending on how much money we can earn, we are more likely to get a new car. Fortunately, first, there is no risk. The tank I received was marked as 100% victory. When we have a private car, you can safely go for entertainment.

Game rules are very simple, but at first glance, it brings great pleasure. Our task is to overturn the car of the enemy, to throw him off the Board or to catch up with the driver of the enemy. Sounds cruel, but fortunately, everything is done in the world of harmless pixels. By the way, graphics is commendable. Retro-the climate is perfect for the world of small cars. Like music, which is also stylized the sounds of the old vending machines and consoles.

Driving a car is just using two direction keys: left and right. We have several different models of affordable cars. Each of them behaves in its own way. The situation with levels similar. Some small and light vehicles control is much better while the other should choose the huge tanks.

Here there are two game modes: single player and two players. Let’s start with the first one. It was divided into three types: classic, mission, and king of the hill. In the first embodiment, in order to win, we must first earn 5 points. The option “mission” is exactly the same. The difference is that we must defeat the enemy in a certain way or perform a task. The last game mode is something like “infinite game”. For each defeated enemy, we get one point. If we fight too long in the arena will be another car. The game ends when the car is destroyed.

Finally, it is worth considering a fun mode for two people. The game allows you to compete with your friends using a tablet or smartphone. I think that this form of game is particularly attractive to pupils and students. This is a great alternative to the boring lessons and lectures.


The game has simple and offers something that forces the user to turn it on again and again. It is possible to pass the time during travel to and from work, and she doesn’t get bored for a long time. It contains, however, can do without them.

Drive Ahead! — exciting fights small machines – Testing Apps

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