Did you happen to record movies in a vertical position? Sometimes you have to suffer well, too late to put this work on social networking sites because their creators often require at least horizontal cutting.

Windows Store: average score of 4.4; the size 24.3 MB; the quasi-free

If you are looking for a tool that will let you easily crop your videos and to deploy them or you just need a decent application for editing photos, it is possible CropiPic will be of your liking.

The available options

The use of this tool is really very simple. During initial processing, we are engaged in the cutting of the fragment of the film properly, where you can use some ready-made samples, for example, the length of a film right on the Vine. You will then need to do its possible treatment, which includes the creation of a background for vertical films. This may be blurring the currently displayed frame, its dispersion or simply the indication of single-color images selected from the templates. It also offers a fairly large set of tools that you can use to handle not only movies but also arbitrarily selected photos directly from the gallery.

Among the available options, we can find, for example, a set of basic filters. They can be applied separately to the background and main image, and their intensity is changed by moving the slider, which is under the image. In addition, we are available to frame, blur, cut in certain forms or additional effects which resemble filters and adjusted as to background and to the workpiece. All these functions include many additional personalization options, so each converted image may look really unique.


Processing photos and videos in CropiPic is a pleasure. Everything works very smoothly and the program itself looks quite aesthetically pleasing. However, we should mention a very important but, unfortunately, negative aspect: each work, executed in CropiPic, will contain ugly watermark that can be removed only after purchasing the paid version of the program. It will need to spend nearly $ 3.

This cost also opens up some more options, and eliminates the ugly advertising that hangs on the top of the screen. However, you should test this program on their own — perhaps simplicity will come to the heart of your expectations.

CropiPic is a useful tool for editing photo and video Apps Testing

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