Platformers are the genre which have practically no easy life on the touch screens of mobile devices. Unfortunately, virtual buttons, although they are the compromise, but do not bring such pleasure as a real joystick or keyboard. However, this does not prevent many developers to build new projects.

Windows Store: average score of 4.4; the size 24.3 MB; the quasi-free

Sometimes, even with the average quality of governance, among them can be a good game, exciting for a long time. One of them was Crocs of the World, available for devices running Windows Phone.


As the name suggests Crocs of the World, here we have to manage the virtual crocodile. The game itself is a classic platformer and at the same time combines all that we know from Mario games. The classics from Nintendo like not only level design, but also the whole mechanism of overcoming obstacles and opponents. Our main weapon will be jumping. We kill their opponents with their help. The first bonus we get is a helmet with which we can destroy obstacles and destroy your enemies.

Thanks to the helmet, we can also reach the private parts of the levels to get more gems. When we use the following bonus for us will be the stones. Throwing them, we can get rid of the enemies advance, without risking the jump. This model almost perfectly resembles the solution from Mario. We also have a time limit for each level. But usually, there are offered enough time to pass them without problems. A total of 30, split into two different schemes: on the surface and under the ground. They change every time.

For each of them, we get a rating from 1 to 3 stars. This result also depends on the points. We get them for collection of gems and enemies defeated. When you collect 100 crystals, we obtain an extra life. And that’s actually enough for pleasant gaming.


The graphical side Crocs World is very beautiful. Here also the inspiration of Mario can be seen at a glance, but admittedly, cute and colorful items well suited for play as a whole. Unfortunately, Windows Phone 8 suffers from a slight lag. Admittedly, subsequent updates have significantly reduced this effect, but it’s still noticeable, especially if someone played a version of Windows 8. The music goes well with the fun, however, it was too monotonous.


Crocs World can be recommended to fans of platformers. The game is available for free and currently does not have any micropayments. Given its good performance and simple and familiar gameplay would be a sin not to test. Also available is a version for Windows 8, offering a more enjoyable fun at the keyboard than on the touch screen. Although in both cases it works well.

Crocs World is a platformer in the style of Mario – Testing Apps

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