Borrowing money always creates additional inconvenience. However, there are times when you simply forget your wallet at home or we meet the crisis. Later, unfortunately, we do not always remember how much, from whom and when to return the money. We once again come mobile app. Today we will talk about Android EvenUp.

Google Play: average rating of 4.6; Android 4.2; free

The beginning of the work

The app we are greeted by a simple slideshow that displays pictures of various banknotes from around the world. As a result, users who are not yet familiar with the use of the EvenUp already have some idea of what is connected with the program. To begin with, we need to log in by selecting one of the social networking sites which we associate with the created profile.

The choice we are Google+ and Facebook. Performing joint accounts, we agree to view basic information such as your name, friends list, and thumbnails. After data sync, you’ll see a main menu from which we can choose the currency in which we conduct transactions, and add new accounts.

The available options

Creating the debt record, we can choose the simple option of one-to-one, where we just write who we owe money to or who has received from us a certain amount. Friends we choose from the list of those who also have the app EvenUp installed on your smartphone or tablet. I was surprised that typing the name of the search engine of a particular person, the screen shows the proposals of other users of the application. It seemed to me that sync with Facebook or Google+ is that the settlement will be carried out among our friends. If you see the list of users EvenUp, you can create a separate account without having to transfer any data in the social network.

The second way of working is to create a “normal account”. Here we can add several different payments, as well as to determine who has paid and who borrowed it. Unfortunately, the app is more of a reminder than a tool for calculation of the payment amount when we look at the group of several people.


In such applications, it I the function of this type which can accurately determine the amount of the fee, when several people are traveling together and take turns to pay or give the money to various services. The project is relatively fresh, so I hope the developers will improve its functionality. Currently, the app is only available for Android, but the developers are already working on versions for iOS and Windows Phone.

App EvenUp will not let you forget about the debts – Testing Apps

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